[VIDEO] VW T1 Camper made by LEGO image

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what the T1 Camper “Volkswagen-badged” is all about but what if you could get your hands on a brand new one which looks exactly like the original? The only difference is that you can hide it in your pockets, if you are a priest.

Also known as the Combi, the 1962 van was recreated by LEGO exclusively for enthusiasts in high detail, from the V-shape on the front side to the rounded roof or the safari-like front windows, under a new saying: “Make LEGO models, not war”.

“Its unique character and charm has made it loved all over the world, which has also meant that it has become one of the most customizable vehicles ever produced. There is lots of technical building within the model that I think LEGO fans will enjoy. I’m also hoping that it will appeal to a wider audience, not just LEGO fans. I think the Volkswagen community out there will really appreciate this model”, said John-Henry Harris, LEGO designer.