[Video] VW teases mysterious racer for upcoming Pikes Peak image

A very early and utterly mysterious marketing campaign has been kicked off by the German automaker teasing the world to its desire to introduce a new racer in time to compete in the iconic hill climb event.

It seems Volkswagen has taken notice of the benefits derived from completing the iconic Pikes Peak International Hill Climb – and has decided to tease us to its bespoke entry. We’re in for a very long teaser campaign, since the next edition takes place June 2018. There’s even a teaser video, but that one doesn’t include any details about the upcoming racer, only a reminder that VW is not heading up hill for the first time.

As far as the new racer is concerned, it looks sleek and curvaceous, with a front that makes us understand this is going to be a bespoke one-off creation, not a modification of an existing model. Since it’s so early, there are no details yet to discuss about the vehicle itself. We can refer to the score to settle the video points to, though. VW failed a run up the Pikes Peak in 1987 with a twin-engined GTI – with the crazy hatchback using separate powerplants for each axle in a bid to deliver the best possible AWD layout.