If you’re a diehard automotive collector, vehicles with impressive motorsport abilities are always on your agenda – but the most impressive will always be the ones holding land speed records.

In that line of thought, this 1952 Buick Super Riviera first started its life as an ordinary model when it was taken off the assembly line and delivered to its first buyer. But decades later, General Motors itself might be surprised to find out what racer Jeff Brock did to it. We’re talking here about “Bombshell Betty,” and eye catching Buick that looks like the contemporary of the retro-futuristic Fallout games. A rolling piece of art indeed, this is also a model with a pedigree – holding a land speed record and being six times class champion. The car was a barn find back in 2008, when it was taken out of an abandoned sawmill near Phoenix, Arizona. Brock, a sculptor, based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, decided to deliver a bare metal racer that is eye catching as it is blazing fast.

With a chopped top and numerous details that make you daze and amaze – this car looks like something coming out of kids drawings, not actually something that really exists. Anyways, the dream machine is available for the rather steep sum of $195,000, but since it was featured in Hot Rod magazine a couple years ago, you might overlook the asking price. In last details, the power comes courtesy of bored out Buick straight-8 engine and has a lot of aftermarket parts and pieces that enabled those class wins and land speed record. You can also see the footage of the car’s record run in 2012, which was by the way bested a year later by “Bombshell Betty” itself.


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