[Video] Want to be a Formula One pilot for the day? Join the GP Experience image

Many of us go to sleep at night dreaming of smelling the fumes of a true racecar during a hot track day, pitted against the very best of the race pilots “breed”. Sadly, the affordability of such feats is way, way in the distance.

Dread not, if you don’t have the cash to buy a used racecar from one of the smaller or extinct Formula One teams of the world, there’s a more affordable alternative: the GP Experience. Pirelli, the tiremaker that has F1 exclusivity is the main supporter of the feat – which allows European enthusiasts and now also their US counterparts to experience the might of a Formula One Grand Prix car.

The GP Experience is taking participants through a day full with high-performance driving training that ends with laps behind the wheel of a 620 HP F1 monopost. The even uses chassis taken from the late V10 and early V8 years, and Cosworth, Judd, and Peugeot supply engines. Each GP Experience day would take participants through three chassis, culminating with the hot laps in the F1 car that has been modified to accommodate two passengers.

Early on, the aspiring F1 drivers start the day with some warming laps in go-karts then switch to three four-lap track sessions in an astonishing fleet of current generation supercars: a Ferrari 458, McLaren MP4-12C, Lotus Elise Cup, and Porsche Turbo. You also get at the end of the training three laps in a Formula One Grand Prix car, and end the day with a bang in the Formula One three-seater – helmed by a true professional this time.