This is of course the 600-hp, six-wheel-drive pickup truck you needed but didn’t know about that – and something that exists not because it’s wild, fun, crazy and cool, but according to the creator, it’s here because it can be built.

If you ask John Hennessey, the guy who owns the Texas shop that delivered things such as the Venom GT (once unofficial holder of the world top speed production car record), things about the auto industry you’ll find out he has pretty solid opinions. After all, he’s the one that created the “Exorcist”, a 1000-hp Chevrolet Camaro as a rapid and direct response to the arrival of the Dodge Demon… The 2018 VelociRaptor 6×6, first revealed at the SEMA show in Las Vegas earlier this month, is another bonkers idea – this time around for fleeing the Apocalypse on rough terrain thanks to its three driving axles, heavily upgraded suspension, and bespoke off-road tires.

“Our VelociRaptor 6X6 is pure aggression on wheels – all six of them,” John Hennessey motivates the existence of the vehicle. This new short video presents us with the opportunity to witness a little more of the military-spec-like machine, driving it at the company’s proving grounds, though, unfortunately, being a client’s car there’s only asphalt driving involved. Hennessey has plans to keep this exclusive – a mere 50 examples for the United States and another 50 of them for the rest of the world.



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