[Video] Watch a crazy V8 Smart drag-racing image

We all know the US is the true land of unlimited possibilities. That thoroughly applies to a ridiculous/hilarious very serious modified smart car that has somehow managed to cram a big block Chevy V8 engine inside.

You do know what a Smart car is? Right, it’s a fuel efficient three cylinder turbo equipped two seater, that can be parked with the nose to the sidewalk in between regular laterally parked cars. Yep, it’s that small.

Now, this big block V8 equipped Smart has shed many of its other strong qualities – like fuel efficiency, normal proportions, or delicate packaging. And we’re again wondering where does the V8 sit, since the only visible design modifications have been to the axles, allowing for bigger tires and better handling.

Since there are no available details on the owner besides the footage, we can’t be sure which V8 was used to replace the smart fortwo’s 999 cc three cylinder (which offers in its Brabus iteration only 101 hp). Anyways, the possibilities are big and wide, from 5.7-litres to 9.4-litres, which were usually used to power up the Chevrolet land whales…