[VIDEO] Watch a Renault Megane RS hit a deer on the Ring image

A Renault Megane RS has recently hit a deer on the famous German track, the Nurburgring, while traveling at 180 km/h.

The racetrack is the last place where people are expected to keep an eye on the side of the road but considering the fact that the Nurburgring is surrounded by a forest, some unfortunate incidents happen from time to time. One of these incidents has been recently filmed by a dashboard cam, inside a Renault Megane RS, which hit a deer at 180 km/h. The accident took place last week. For all of you Bambi lovers out there, we have no idea on what happened to the deer, but the hot hatch will definitely need a makeover.

The model in question seems to be a RenaultSport 250 and, if this turns out to be true, than it means that its 2.0 liter twin-scroll turbocharged four-cylinder engine is producing a total output of 250 HP (184 kW) at 5,500 rpm and it has a peak torque of 340 Nm (250 lb-ft), available at 3,000 rpm. The unit is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. You can watch the video with the Renault Megane RS hitting a deer on the Nurburgring below.