[Video] Watch a Tesla Model S hit 60 mph in Ludicrous+ mode image

It hasn’t been long since the California-based luxury electric automaker released into the world the Model S P100D range-topping model, and an onslaught of videos of its acceleration times soon followed.

Now we’re getting ready for the next level – because there’s a model that can best the 2.5 seconds time to 60 mph (96 km/h) – and it’s not another hypercar, but the same Model S P100D, only this time fitted with the new Ludicrous+ mode. And yes, we still consider – unofficially, it’s true – the model to be the quickest accelerating sedan in the world. We’re still enamored by the car that can seat up to seven people and weighs like a small boat, but has around 745 hp from tow electric motors and smart software for the AWD all-around. You may remember Elon Musk said in one of his famous Tweets last year they were working on unleashing the full performance capabilities of the P100D.

Well, the moment has seemingly arrived – though just like it was the case with the Enhanced Autopilot, Tesla is delivering the over the air update to a limited number of users – a way to gauge any problems that may appear and resolve them before getting a grudge with all owners. Musk’s new “Ludicrous+” should provide an additional 35 horsepower (for a total of 780) and lower the benchmark of the acceleration by 0.1 seconds. The update also comes with a nice and funny enough Easter Egg…