[Video] Watch an astonishing paper-made Formula 1 car image

While usually we don’t say that when our job is to write, but this time around the story we’re telling you is hollow with just words. Fortunately, besides the few letters we’re throwing for you to understand what’s going on here, we also have a video.

If you stopped believed in fairytale endings or even in the realization of dreams, you should really pay attention to the message the short film Paper Dreams tells us. It’s a beautiful coming of age – fulfilling your dream tale that also includes some masterfully designed cars… made of paper almost entirely.

And it’s also a story that supports the old saying – “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” – as our video guy, Paul, started making paper model kits as a hobby and after growing up he moved to designing paper cars.

In an amazing story about how time, effort and talent can create wonders, Paul recounts how he made a replica of a Red Bull RB7 from 6,500 parts – it even included such components that you wouldn’t see in a normal car, let alone a paper one, like wiring, water pumps and suspension pieces.

Via Autoblog