[Video] Watch as the Devbot demonstrates autonomous race capabilities in Berlin image

Roborace – the competition partner to the Formula E that will soon become a series taking place ahead of the electric main event – is continuing its development work on the DevBot experimental autonomous track demonstrator.

The organizers recently decided to come up with a new video showcasing the racing series’ progress, with a peek from inside the cabin of the DevBot as it lapped he Berlin ePrix’s Templehof Circuit with robot serenity. It’s clearly a sight to behold the empty cockpit – setup with a seat because sometimes human engineers are also present – as the race car takes the circuit at high speed with no one at the commands. The setup here seems to be a tad conservative – there isn’t much “passion” into the way it attacks the bends.

RoboRace has already presented the futuristic Robocar racing machines, styled by Daniel Simon – but they need to hone the Devbot first – which has been transformed from a Ginetta LMP3 chassis. The prototype has the drivetrain and sensors of the Robocar – and is used to prepare the software and other technologies in time for the actual races. Instead of humans at the commands, the Roborace would see the teams work on artificial intelligence that will try to be the quickest around the track.