[VIDEO] Watch EVO drive the McLaren P1 image

The team at EVO has recently went for a spin in the impressive McLaren P1 and the conclusions of the test drive can be seen in the video posted below.

The McLaren P1 is not exactly what we can call brand new, considering the fact that it has been officially presented to the public, in its final production form, last year, during the 2013 Geneva Motor Show, back in March, but its appearance is still managing to attract all the attention, so a test drive performed by EVO couldn’t have gone by unseen. The British hybrid supercar has been tested on the Yas Marina race track and the video can be seen right after the jump.

Power to the McLaren P1 is being provided by a 3.8 liter twin turbo V8 petrol engine, which is rated at 727 HP (542 kW) and 719 Nm (531 lb-ft) of torque. This is helped by an electric motor, rated at 176 HP (131 kW) and 260 Nm (192 lb-ft) of torque. The total output stands at 903 HP and 978 Nm (722 lb-ft) of torque, which is sent to the rear-wheel drive through a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. The 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) acceleration is made in 2.8 seconds and top speed has been electronically limited to 350 km/h (217 mph).