There are races and timeless races. This footage in 4K high resolution could land the second category thanks to the implicated vehicles – a tuned Nissan GT-R and the 1, 200 hp Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse.

It all took place on the Papenburg Oval in Germany, which is coincidentally also one of the best tracks for industry testing. The battlefield – a high speed oval track is particularly better for the Veyron in its most powerful iteration and the competitor, which has equal power if not an equal quantity of blue blood. So, in other words the Veyron now is matched against another uber-machine in a more professional setting than the myriad of airport runways and other more or less legal setups. The Papenburg Oval in Germany was established back in 1998 and its 75 km (121 miles) track has seen them all. The race comes courtesy of GTBoard, which decided to pit the most famous ultra-expensive ride against the global underdog favorite.

The Veyron Grand Sport Vitesse is featured in its “standard” setup, producing those 1,200 horses, while the jacked up Nissan was modified by US-based AMS Performance, and has the Alpha 12 package, delivering the same amount of ponies and featuring a longer sixth gear. For these two icons that are actually ready to go off into the sunset – they are both at the end of their respective life cycles – all points will be made inside the comprehensive video and we’re not really going to spoil the end – so enjoy!

Via GTBoard


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