The amazing trickery has nothing to do with the regular spinning donuts – but more with back flips, rail sliding and the wall of death. And it’s all done with a Polaris UTV…

Modern times call for things to be a lot more dangerous – though psychologists warn parents protect kids too much these days, there are those that show the way forward: we have bikes doing double back flips, dirt bikes and snowmobiles doing single back flips, and even monster trucks doing a front flip. And this last stunt performance is out there as well – coming from off-road racing pro RJ Anderson, who seemingly loves Polaris RZR side-by-sides. His skill has been displayed through, where Anderson crashed through walls, jumped over log trucks, grinded along metal rails skateboard style, and back flipping.

This latest project sees all that and some more while out trailing the mountains of Southern California – including laps of the wall of death. Yes, engineers constructed a 360-degree wooden wall that Anderson enters from the bottom – where Sir Issac Newton helps the RZR make as many revolutions as the driver pleases. Of course, the turbo RZR used in the video is anything but standard – for example it’s now a McLaren F1 middle pilot vehicle, with jacked up suspension and tires to handle any terrain.



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