[Video] Watch Lewis Hamilton drive the Project One on stage at Frankfurt’s IAA image

What we have here is the full Instagram feed coming from Lewis Hamilton’s account, and it so happens to depict an epic moment – since the Formula One man was the tame driver for the Project One’s official reveal on stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

This is the very moment when Lewis Hamilton drove the Mercedes-AMG Project One onto the stage at the Frankfurt Motor Show, so the clip is actually one of the earliest moments when we can experience the hypercar – and its “sound system” without any sort of editing. As far as we can see, the Project One is not only one of the most unique hypercars out there – just 275 examples will ever exist – but it’s also one of the loudest. We can see the startup happens with the door opened, but even closing it doesn’t really matter – and the 1.6-liter V6 does sound as if taken straight off the Formula One racer.

We can only imagine what the engine sounds like close to the 11,000-rev redline – we might even see drivers sporting a set of earplugs to make sure they can still discuss their sensations afterwards. There isn’t a great many details to discuss though – this unit is most likely just a pre-production example, not the real deal, with the digital instrument panel and center display showing the same video over and over. We do get a few tips and tricks from Hamilton, who takes the time to explain some of the commands located on the racing-inspired steering wheel.

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