Faraday Future – one of the electric startups that wants to compete directly with Tesla – has recently snatched the “production” electric vehicle record at Pikes Peak, and now we have a video for the run.

We are now getting the “inside” story – with in-car footage for point of view of the entire pass. “The FF 91, driven by FF Principal Engineer Robin Shute, finished with a time of 11:25:083, faster than the standing production-designed EV record by more than 20 seconds,” said the company at the time of the achievement. There are some things of note, though. First cudos to the engineer, who had the guts to go uphill on the course where professional drivers sometime struggle. Next up is the “production” designation – the FF91 is not anywhere near production, and the maker used a prototype with production-reference design and systems.

Then there’s the additional fun factor – though it might be worrisome for early EV adopters. Around the 10-minute, 45-second mark you can see there’s a hiccup of some sorts, forcing the driver to reboot the entire car. In case you missed the famous race, the year’s overall winner was Romain Dumas with a time of 9:05.332, using a refreshed version of the Norma MXX RD Limited.



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