[Video] Watch the fifth edition of the brilliant Snowkhana parody image

It’s that time of year when we’re actively searching for the best Christmas gift – so our treat for you on Monday comes courtesy of Ford and another of its brilliant self-parodies in the Snowkhana series.

The fifth edition is back with another toy-based Ken Block action set piece – and it’s again in snow animation technique and riddled with Lego and Hot Wheels. At this time of year, we rejoin titular driver Mental Block and his Hoonigan-spec Hot Wheels Fiesta drifting, donuting, and jumping through the usual series of films that gets dusted off for TV airing during the holiday season – 18 of them if you want to make a list, to be more precise. In case you missed the references, we can sample Anchorman and Back to the Future… but the rest are up to you.

The latest Snowkhana is a whole month of careful work – as the set up was changed for each and every frame of the short movie – with the props including 17 Lego trees, 11 cans of snow spray, seven cardboard buildings, one large can of expanding foam, lots of cotton wool, countless toys, a pair of pantyhoes, and much, much more. By the way, because we’re feeling the Christmas spirit – here are also all the previous installments.