[Video] Watch the Pagani Huayra BC play in the snow on a frozen lake image

Automotive ballet is a must have when you’re dealing with an exotic supercar, more so if that exotic brand is Pagani, well known for its industrial “jewels”.

Now Pagani and Bosch have decided to do some engineering wonder by showcasing the Huayra BC’s safety systems – and how did they see fit to do it? Well by filming some of the comprehensive tests that were performed in the extreme conditions of the Arctic Circle. The Huayra BC needs serious stopping power when it has on tap more than 750 horsepower (552 kilowatts) thanks to the 6.0-liter V12 coming from Mercedes-AMG. Pagani and Bosch decided to test the ABS antilock braking system of a prototype in northern Sweden for a couple of weeks, at the latter’s winter test center in Arjeplog. This is also where the traction control and electronic stability program were fined tuned. The brake testing took place on a roadway surface that was iced only on one side to provide uneven grip. Then the BC moved on a testing course sitting atop a frozen lake to verify the ESP and traction control systems.

[Video] Watch the Pagani Huayra BC play in the snow on a frozen lake 0

You might think all this involves a serious amount of fun – but remember we’re dealing with Bosch’s German engineering prowess? They wanted the same driving conditions all day long so the course caterers sprayed the road surfaces with water several times a day and then with special equipment the ice was smoothened to the same level over and over – the engineers wanted to get accurate readings for the software analysis and adjustments. This is all great considering this is a special edition with just 20 units, but this is how you stand out in the rather crowded supercar league these days.