[Video] We get the hot hatch ‘Ring crashes, but who on Earth understands an Opel Vivaro accident? image

The Nurburgring Nordschleife is pretty much stocked with all kinds of vehicles during the famous Touristenfahrten (tourist day) events. And you can see there from retro roadsters to commercial vans.

We do get the latter – they spend countless of hours inside their vans and pretty much know very nit and bolt on it. So, having the chance of going all out on them is like a psychological revenge / catharsis for the man behind the wheel. We may even remember most drivers of vans remain exactly that – drivers of vans. And we have the video evidence to support the claim. After all, the usual and safe understeer that is inherent to their handling characteristics will go so much towards protecting the careless. And you may remember the ‘Ring is dubbed the Green Hell for one thing – it will hit you in the face the second you lose it.

The clip here shows an Opel Vivaro – which kindly decided to rework its rear end with the help of the protection guardrail on the side of the track. The crash is so utterly ridiculous it makes us laugh – just look at how the driver manages to make a front wheel drive van lose control in oversteer mode and have the back lose grip. By the way, if the van driver actually lacks the basic skills of driving, just check out the biker behind him – watch the video until the end and you’ll know what we mean.