[VIDEO] Weird BMW commercial promoting LDW image

The German based automaker BMW has recently released a new commercial where the Lane Departure Warning technology is being promoted.

We have seen some weird commercials throughout the years in the automotive industry but if there was an award for the most bizarre one, BMW will definitely win it with this latest footage. As you can see from the video posted below this article, the car manufacturer is showing someone’s head doing various activities, and when we say “head”, we mean “head”, the body is gone, because apparently “Your head is not always in the right place”, as the company says. At the end of the commercial, the actor is waking up from a bizarre dream, with his body intact, by the vibrating steering wheel of the Lane Change Warning system as his ride drifts out of lane.

The Lane Departure Warning is alerting the driver from any deviation of the vehicle’s normal course by signaling him to move back into the lane and the system is only being interrupted by the signal lights. The Lane Departure Warning technology is using a camera with CMOS, a signal generator which is making the steering wheel vibrate and a control unit which is processing the data. You can watch the latest BMW commercial below. Enjoy!