[VIDEO] Weird car crash in Russia image

A weird accident has been caught on camera in Russia after a driver managed to make his car fly on a highway.

As you can see from the video posted below, a camera mounted on the dashboard captured a weird car crash in Moscow, Russia, on the 19th of December 2011. The video is showing us how a “flying” car is appearing out of “nowhere” and hits several vehicles on a highway, after its driver seems to have lost control of the wheel. According to the uploader of this video, the vehicle in question was traveling on the Lenin Prospekt overpassed and went flying off the road, landing in a traffic jam and damaging some cars on the way.

The other drivers are just sitting in their cars, not knowing that disaster is pretty close to them, and after the “flying car” comes to a stop, a lot of people gather around the scene of the accident. Sadly the driver who was filming the incident with his dashboard mounted camera starts moving away and the video ends soon, so we don’t get to see the obvious aftermath fight, considering the fact that this is Russia. You can watch the video of the weird car crash below.