[Video] Whether you like it or not, a new Ecto-1 comes with the rehashed Ghostbusters image

While Hollywood does lack a feminist driving force for action-packed extravaganzas, we’re still unsure if the brand new cast of the Ghostbusters revival will be up for the monster-laden task.

Sony Pictures Entertainment knows their new movie opens July 15 and they’re looking to spice up things by providing fans with a closer look at the latest incarnation of the Ecto-1. During the footage, we can see director and co-writer Paul Feig explain how he talked with fellow writer Katie Dippold and they cooked up a list of the most important things they should include from the original movie. That list had slime and proton packs but the “main, number one thing” was the Ecto-1.

In the movie, Patty Tolan (Leslie Jones) comes up with a borrowed hearse from her uncle’s funeral home. Naturally this doesn’t deliver any cause for celebration and her female co-workers are less than impressed. But at least they transform the model into the Ecto-1. The end result won’t be as cool as the original, as it lacks the surprise factor – but at least we get the familiar appearance. And we also get a pink roof as a “subtle” hint this is Ghostbusters with four female leads. The new installment will hit theaters in the United States on July 15th starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, and Leslie Jones. Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor, the God of Thunder) is also in as the comic relief / group’s geeky sidekick / secretary.