Aside from being very fun to park in any crowded city, the Smart Fortwo is nothing more than a very expensive city dweller – but it appears the car’s fun factor is actually far greater than we imagined.

We always thought the Brabus approach was the right one when discussing ways of making the Fortwo more appealing to the audience – after all a pocket rocket with rear engine and rear-wheel drive should be worth something, right? Well it appears the rabbit’s hole was actually somewhere else and we couldn’t find it because… well, we’re no Alice. But there’s one man that actually imagined what we consider to be one of the best ways to have fun with a Smart. In retrospective, we shouldn’t have missed this one but then again we’re not, but we’re happy that someone not only thought about this idea but also put it in practice.

A Ukrainian guy named Gerogiy Kosilov had the epiphany that a diesel-powered Smart would make the perfect off-road vehicle precisely due to its rear-mounted engine. Letting slip all the associated jokes when he presented the idea, he took home a not very pricey first generation Fortwo, stripped it to make it even more lightweight and then started adding parts from a Volkswagen, Honda, and Mitsubishi, though we’re still not sure what from where was taken. His contraption now has a ground clearance of 14 inches (or 36 cm), jacked-up suspension and all-terrain tires.

Via Mr George


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