The advice on the video is not to be taken lightly – as the accident shows – but thankfully this incident resulted in no casualties or injuries, everyone walking away unscathed.

Anyone who has driven in such a storm knows that high winds are not to be taken lightly – especially if your vehicle presents a high lateral surface – the truck is an obvious example, but so are full size crossovers or MPVs. In this rather dramatic dashcam footage, a semi-truck has been blown over by the wind like a nutshell on top of a police car. The incident occurred near Elk Mountain in Wyoming – with reports of winds exceeding 70 miles per hour (112 kilometers per hour) in the area, officials decided to close Interstate 80 to all lightweight and high-profile vehicles, including semi trucks. Unfortunately, the driver decided to ignore the warning or imply didn’t notice it at all.

“The tractor trailer was traveling at a very reduced speed, 30 to 35 miles per hour,” Wyoming Highway Patrol’s Lt. David Wagener commented for CBS News. “A gust got the trailer and blew it onto the police car.” Fortunately no one was injured – the patrol car was empty – and the driver of the semi walked away unscathed, with a citation for a misdemeanor for traveling on a closed section of interstate. Police released the footage in attempt to show the potential hazards of high winds.


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