It’s impossible for a modern day human to not have at least heard of the formal Special Forces turned wilderness survival turned TV star Bear Grylls. You saw his face on natural channels and he’s now also one of the official ambassadors of Land Rover.

We believe it’s a great and inspired pairing, and the latest feat coming from the renown British adventurer was to take the winner of the Land Rover Discovery Adventure Challenge, Alex Woodford, on an expedition – naturally. It lasted for two days and occurred in the Gila National Forest, New Mexico. That was part of the reward the aspiring-adventurer got for surviving and triumphantly winning the six-part Discovery Adventure Challenge, hosted by the mountains of Megeve, France this year.

The latter adventure – about the two-day trip all the info is in the video – had Alex take her determination, skills and resilience to the limits – in typical fashion of Bear Grylls’ experiences. The Discovery Adventure Challenge took all entrants through a difficult trek across five miles of challenging terrain or a rappel down a 250ft sheer drop, among others. “You have to follow your dreams. If you love adventure then just keep going along the path,” said Alex about her physically and mentally demanding experience.


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