[Video] Winter is coming… but Mercedes-Benz has 4Matic image

Now that winter is indeed coming – yes, thank you Ned Stark – people need to be culturally taught that it’s a season when cars need to be taken care of.

Among the few things you really need to be doing for your car is a lights test, make sure you’re packing the correct tires and maybe if you’re into buying a new car consider all wheel drive. The latter is a no brainer – grip is always better when more wheels are involved. Mercedes-Benz has decided to appeal to the inner voice when pitching its 4Matic all wheel drive system in the latest commercial. In “Snow Date”, everything goes around a teen boy and a fierce blizzard. And a Mercedes, of course. The 4MATIC-equipped C-Class is out of the garage and the teen / dad duo is on its way, of course going against the blizzard with absolute ease.

The girls shows up after giving the boy a slight fright because she’s running late – which is odd considering she climbs out of a GLE. When looking back, the only one who didn’t seem to know she was coming in another 4-Matic Mercedes Benz seems to be the father, who was a little reluctant to get out into the cold. Maybe he forgot that teenager boys and girls are able to withstand hurricane-force storms just to catch a glimpse at each other?!