Yep, you read that right – Subaru took Mark Higgins and a WRX STI – and with the help of the Prodrive racing team it seemingly took an impossible task – use a car on a bobsleigh course.

Higgins is a three-time British Rally Champion, a stunt driver for Bond films, and also the record holder for the Isle of Man TT – in a car, not a motorcycle, which is just as insane as this feat of prowess. The idea seems pretty much simple and straightforward – drive the car down half of the rather famous Olympic bobsled run at St. Moritz. Bobsleds (or bobsleighs) are naturally a lot narrower than a car – and also low and specifically tailored to do crazy Gs on high curbs and vertical walls. Even though the track that was specifically designed for Higgins was wider – it was still impossibly narrow.

At that width the STI even didn’t have room for wing mirrors, so to compensate for the inevitable wall-bumping, Prodrive modified the car to become a lot stronger and handle the punishment. The team also didn’t use skis instead of tires – it used titanium-tipped studs on skinny 135-section tires (and gold wheels, of course). By the way, the Olympic run’s most famous turn is not a corner – it’s a curved vertical wall at 90 degrees. Just watch the teaser trailer for the main footage that will appear later on…


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