[Video] Winter is over, but oh the Lamborghini Miura looks good in snow image

We’re sometimes delivering safe or not safe videos for work just for pure fun and because we’re automotive passionate as well – so here’s another one to make your half-week better.

The main protagonist of the feature is the recently turned 50 years old Lamborghini Miura. And we might remember that back when we were kids we cared less about the cold and more about the snow as we played outside. Now that years have passed we care more about the cold than the snow – and that would be the case for the oldish Italian supercar we’re discussing here, as well. Below-freezing temperatures don’t bode well with the gated gearbox and what’s on the tarmac will put to hard work even the best winter tires.

A Winter's Tale from Kidston.TV on Vimeo.

But then again, who cares – we’re even treated to a “winter’s tale” here. It talks about the former Shah of Iran who loved so much honing his Miura he even used it with snow tires (yes, Iran has snow). There’s a thing to be understood about high-performance cars and snow that needs to be experimented. Once you get past the fear point of not having the right amount of traction, you’ll find out how much more fun you can have in slow-motion, opposite-lock car control in a snowy environment. Our advice – if you don’t have snow, you can try this on a clear patch of grass…

Via Kidston