[Video] Witness a robot doing what no human can – continuously open and close doors image

We petrolheads would certainly love just about any job related to the auto industry – but consider this, even the most diehard fan would probably lose his/her minds after a few days on the premises.

Most of us have jobs – some are nice, some are great, and some are unlikeable – for lack of a better word that would not involve foul words. But as always, things could be worse. Ok, not as bad as having to clear up debris at a water sewage treatment plant… But anyways, could you resist more than a few days when you’re tasked all day long to simply stand still and open and close car doors nine times each minute? No, active parents who need to work their magic with kids between school, practice, home and work are excepted – that’s not a job, it’s takin care of the future of humanity…

Nissan has instead decided to treat us to a behind the closed-door peek into the regular aspects of automobile manufacturing. This yellow robotic arm is actually coming in as a new employee to the company’s Technical Center in Michigan, with a single task in mind – open and close doors. It has already received a nickname – Mrs. Doorboto – besides “her” actual name being Rosie, and the robot is making sure doors on various models open and close properly, over, and over, and over, ok you get the picture. Nissan even says that over a decade of use, a car’s door is opened and closed around 45,000 times. Rosie, aka Mrs. Doorboto, takes care of that in… three days. And yes, we’re actually glad Rosie does that, because a human would probably lose his mind in the same period of time.