[Video] Witness the amazing Ferrari FXX K in action at Imola image

Many of us will never even get to see a supercar up close, never mind driving or owning one – but luckily we live in the Internet age and we can have the second best thing.

That is point of view driving from inside some of the greatest supercars and hypercars the world has ever seen. And the best thing is you don’t have to cramp up to get inside or fear you’ll get embarrassed in front of your super-rich friends when you hit the precious ride because of poor driving skills. This time around in the dream ride section we have a rather epic on-board video depicting the Ferrari FXX K while roaring at the Imola Raceway. This extreme and powerful ride is one… extreme machine: it’s like taking the LaFerrari to the gym for hard training and then doping it for good measure with the latest steroids. It’s a track only car used to test new technologies for the supercar brand – it has 1, 050PS (1,036hp) coming from the naturally aspirated 6.3-liter V12 engine and electric motor. The K also stands for the “KERS” kinetic energy recovery system.

Jump after the break to see this mean machine in action and wonder at the truly amazing sound that comes out of this metal wonder – and then just look at the amazing changes the Ferrari engineers have delivered to the already mouth-watering LaFerrari, such as the extensive aerodynamic upgrade. Last but not least, we should also remember this awesome track maniac has just entered production earlier this year and will only have a limited run of 30 units.