[Video] Witness the connected revolution through Golf’s evolving radio image

From a handful of buttons and knobs to massive touchscreens with gesture control and connected features, the VW Golf is exemplary of the evolution of car infotainment as much as it is for the evolution of the compact class.

Way back in the 1970s, you only had two knobs and three buttons to play with inside the cabin of a VW Golf when it came to listening to the radio – arguably the life was simpler back then. Now the Golf 7.5 has a contemporary infotainment system – no cassette player in sight, replaced by a 9.2-inch touchscreen that can actually recognize gestures or play music directly from your smartphone without even having to physically connect it to the system.

Taking the Golf, one of the most popular names in the car industry, VW has exemplified how a major feature in an automobile – the music playing device, has evolved with each passing update. The Discover Pro flagship infotainment system on the Golf doesn’t even have any physical controls anymore – it’s a slab of glass that operates everything through touch or hand gestures.