[Video] Witness the creation of Toyota donuts… from space image

Doing burnouts until clouds of smoke engulf your residential neighborhood, or drifting through morning traffic is actually nothing compared to this quirky idea from Toyota.

Drifting antics are increasingly a thing – after years of doing underground work – and we’re happy to report that opposite-lock specialists are going the length to try and deliver the best feature video. Toyota for example is quite literally travelling all the way up into space for its entry into this unofficial contest. The automaker was looking for “a much bigger and bolder platform to promote the supreme handling of its GT86 coupe,” and until we find life on other planets it’s as good as it can be. Toyota also enlisted Formula Drift pro Fredric Aasbø, coincidentally – or not – their in-house driver with his Icom Toyota Express Service 86-X.

[Video] Witness the creation of Toyota donuts… from space 2

The special competition version has the power necessary for the space shoot – 3.4-liter I6 good for 1,150 horsepower. The stunt included a trip to the Millbrook proving ground in the U.K. along with a special course on the 450-foot diameter skidpad. The end result was a huge 86 logo that could be seens from space, inscribed on the tarmac with nothing but Aasbø’s prowess and lots of degrading rubber. Oh – and to manage the space shoot, Toyota had to talk to Airbus for a special high-resolution photo of the logo from a Pléaides satellite, orbiting the planet at an altitude of 500 miles.