Back last month you might remember the start of the month brought a pretty good April Fool’s joke from Nissan, which set up a little obstacle course for pro drifter Chris Forsberg to play – only he was at the wheel of a Nissan NV Cargo van.

We could easily see the silver lining there when Nissan said the joke was on the racer who thought he was about to experience the 370Z Nismo – and while it was pretty much a fake idea we nonetheless enjoyed it because of its quirkiness and because Forsberg treated the poor cargo van as it was a Silvia. Now the Japanese automaker has decided – pretty slow if you ask us – to reveal the entire adventure, because the slip angle king was ultimately allowed to also manhandle the promised 370Z Nismo. And we’re not here to discuss how the racer drifted the car he was supposed to.

Nope, instead we’re going to focus on the drifter still doing what he does best inside the van, while another driver “stole” the keys to his 370Z Nismo. In order to respond the obvious question – Fosberg’s talent aside, how come a mere cargo van is able to drift – we can deliver a very simple argument coming from the automaker. It appears they resorted to a locked differential and a hydraulic handbrake. Maybe that could go well for that Nurburgring van driver that lost his Opel Vivaro to the troublesome oversteer.



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