Tesla’s event last week was not only important for the commercial business sector – as it featured the arrival of the Semi – but also potentially crucial for the entire industry.

That’s naturally thanks to the arrival of the bombshell – the new Roadster, which has completely mind-blowing performance capabilities, and also delivers outstanding range for an electric (something people forget to discuss, mesmerized by the 60-mph time of 1.9 seconds). We even have video already to prove how fast the prototype is, and Musk’s Twitter bonkers promise this is only the base, and there will also be a “special option package that takes it to the next level”…

Now back to the Semi, because truckers were also in for their own surprises. The model effectively premiered a new niche – medium-haul electric semi trucks, and we also have to remind ourselves this is merely the prototype. The series production model will arrive sometime 2019 (with Tesla’s track record we’re counting on 2020) – so this video provides us a first glimpse into the life of a techy trucker at the beginning of the next decade. It’s also going to be a semi truck for the rich truckers, because Musk has shied away from giving an estimate (so it’s killer expensive) and the truck will feature a battery pack of around 1 MWh (that’s 1,000 kWh)…


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