Video: World record jump – 332 foot record at Indy image

Growing up in a military family, Tanner Foust — a three-time X Games gold medalist and professional stunt driver — would take his Hot Wheels cars from move to move.

Before the main event Sunday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Tanner Foust drove a Team Hot Wheels truck down a giant ramp and into a world record distance jump. Tanner Foust set a new world record by jumping 332 feet in a Pro 2 truck Sunday

More than 20,000 fans took advantage of a warm spring weekend to pack into the Circuit des Ducs in Essay, France, where series newcomer Foust quickly emerged as a fan favorite. People jumped to their feet and cheered for the Rockstar Energy Drink Ford Fiesta in every race, and lined up five-deep outside the team area for autographs all weekend long.

“We put together a good effort and it’s too bad for the team that we didn’t get a better result,” said Foust. “They worked hard, and things seemed to be going in the right direction.”

The jump was a promotional stunt for Los Angeles-based Hot Wheels, which constructed a life-size yellow Hot Wheels truck and a 10-story-high orange ramp — a project spokesman Simon Waldron said cost more than $1 million.