[Video] WRC mechanics are actually fully fledged magicians – they rebuilt this car in half hour image

During the WRC Rally Poland, driver Stephane Lefebvre totally broke the suspension of his Citroen DS3, including arriving with the wheel dragged as a tail – but that was no problem for his service team.

Of course rally cars have been designed from the get go to be easily serviceable – including stripping it down to the bare bones and rebuilding it as fast as humanly possible. During the World Rally Championship events, the mechanics only get 30 minutes to service and repair the car – no matter the state it’s in when it arrives. That’s abundantly clear when Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team driver Stephane Lefebvre actually messed up and ended with the left rear side of the DS3 last weekend during Rally Poland impacting a tree at high velocity. Because of the luck of still having the wheel barely attached, he could limp back to the service area – WRC rules would have prohibited him driving without a wheel on public roads.

One of the camera operators filming the service area managed to grab the entire feat – which actually commenced even before the driver and co-pilot were out of the car. Just a few minutes are needed to get rid of the damaged components, with just about 20 minutes to get the suspension upright, wishbones, driveshaft, brake, and rear differential cradle replaced. Your local service center would probably need days to make the same repairs. After bashing the bodywork back into place and sending Lefebvre off on his merry way, the crowd gives the mechanics a well deserved round of applause.