The iconic Japanese sportscar is ready to hit the roads in a XXI century guise – complete with hybrid supercar abilities – but before that we have to commend the first generation.

No less than 25 years have passed since the introduction of the original NSX and on November 30 the company will celebrate 15 years since the production ended. North American clients have gone even longer without the replacement, as their Acura NSX version ceased commercialization in the United States back in 2000, instead of 2005 as other markets. The model, iconic for its depiction of sports car capabilities with a Japanese flair, dates as far back as 1984 when Honda asked Italian car designer Pininfarina to deliver the HP-X (Honda Pininfarina eXperimental), which eventually turned into the NS-X prototype (standing for New, Sportscar and Experimental). Back in the heyday of the NSX, the Italian and German rivals had no argument against the Japanese newcomer – both the Ferrari 348 and Porsche 911 were beaten fair and square in comparison trials.

And today the feature might get a replay, though we do have to wait until the new Acura/Honda NSX finally reaches dealerships. By the way, decades ago Honda achieved what no one saw possible – have an everyday supercar, usable both on track and in the city. And just as an added extra, they also delivered a JDM only lightweight Type-R variant that was down 200 kg and would be delivered in just 483 units. The video depicts all three versions of the sportscar – the base iteration that only had 270 hp, the updated 3.2-liter model which only brought another 20 Hp and also the ultra-rare and exclusive Type-R.

Via XCARFilms


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