The British supercar manufacturer has decided to rekindle our affection for the McLaren F1 by showcasing footage taken on board a flat-out McLaren F1 GTR during the 1996 Anderstorp race.

The McLaren F1 is one of the greatest supercars ever – and now it deserves the title of king of the young timer supercars – even if the short film here depicts it in the glorious racecar designation. The McLaren F1 supercar was never intended as a thoroughbred racer, but since it was inspired by the world of Formula One it had the right pedigree to turn into one of the greatest track cars of all time. Numerous and extremely affluent privateer drivers thought back in the day the F1 would be a perfect fit for the GT1 class of the BPR Global GT Championship and so they coerced designer Gordon Murray in making his masterpiece into a competition ready supercar.

The F1 GTR was available from 1995 and it was immediately successful, even securing a very tricky win during Le Mans. The winning scenario was once more the same during the 1996 BPR season. McLaren has now released footage of the Anderstorp, Sweden race from July 14, with the on-board video here to celebrate the two decades anniversary. We’re being transported back in time into the #2 and #6 Gulf Racing/GTC Competition models, manhandled by Ray Bellm/James Weaver, and Lindsay Owen-Jones/Pierre-Henri Raphanel.



  1. …………..last few moments of that clip coming into the right-hander he was blipping the gas and then he almost lost it !!……was he suffering from a problem or trying to powerslide out of the turn? At first i thought he was getting a fuel starvation problem, but he saved it nice. Great clip…..luv it.#:)


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