[VIDEO] Zenvo ST1 – $1.8m, 1.104 HP American supercar image

After what is supposed to be the Bugatti Veyron’s new rival, the SSC Tuatara, has been announced for production just a few days ago, another car maker wants a piece of the pie from the big boys and even if there’s no official info on the supercar yet, it seems that we will be hearing a new name in the segment pretty soon, so you’d better memorize it: Zenvo ST1.

According to Jalopnik.com, the Zenvo ST1 has a Danish passport and the supercar is actually developing an impressive 1.104 horsepower from a 7.0 liter V8 engine, doing 6 mpg on the highway and 3 mpg in the city, with an estimated cost of 1.8 million USD, but sadly this is all the info get got on this amazing vehicle.

Should we dare to compare it to the Pagani Zonda which over the years managed to gain our respect after initially we all thought it would probably “die” a slow, painful death in a short time? Well we don’t know what to think yet but besides a famous name, this supercar apparently has it all: a unique exterior design which might give you quite a scare if you see it at night in a dark alley and a large engine generating over 1k horsepower.

The images were taken by a Jalopnik reader in Los Angeles and maybe we could get a glimpse at this vehicle at the upcoming 2011 L.A. Auto Show. Enjoy the images below!