[Video]GM vehicles get dual wireless charging system for smartphones image

Visteon Corp, a major global automotive supplier, has provided the first dual compatible wireless charging system – actually the first such system for the company – to be installed in GM models.

The system is today unique – if you ever dealt with a wireless charging system for your smartphone, you already know there are two different standards supported today. Visteon’s gadget actually supports both the Power Matters Alliance (PMA)/Powermat and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC)/Qi.

“Visteon’s wireless charging solution offers our customers immense flexibility,” said Albert Faraj, vice president, Americas, for Visteon’s electronics business. “It was designed so that it can be integrated into a number of locations within the cockpit, such as the center console or an area in the instrument panel. The module also can accept phones equipped with a certified PMA/Powermat or WPC/Qi receiver, thus increasing the number of mobile devices that are compatible with this vehicle feature.”

Visteon’s new wireless charging solution has also been designed for flexibility – just like the wireless charging capability – allowing different locations in-vehicle. That means easier usage across model platforms or specific regions. The system makes its official debut on Cadillac’s 2015 ATS – followed later on by the CTS sports sedan (fall) and the Escalade SUV (end of the year).

Video courtesy of Mort Crim Communications