[Videos] 2016 Mercedes models out in the wild: E Class, SLC and GLS image

A large number of Mercedes E Class press and presentation cars were caught on camera alongside other new models getting ready to head to showrooms such as the SLC cabrio or the flagship GLS sport utility vehicle.

The highly anticipated 2016 E Class has been doing the rounds of the spy community for months and might qualify as Mercedes’ worst kept secret in years – we saw the car with no camo and in a glorious but leaked full gallery days ahead of the official introduction in front of the worldwide audience during the 2016 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Now the model has ditched the Detroit Auto Show spotlight in favor of reaching the real world. This look at the midsize executive sedan comes courtesy of models prepared for other presentations and press test drives. We can see the E Class has adopted a familiar design – taking cues from up and down the model range ladder – some differentiation would have been better. But it seems Mercedes is taking a speedy approach to its wide array of models in a bid to catch up to its German rivals – last year it has already managed to surpass the mother of matryoshka doll design themes (we’re obviously talking about Audi). Most of the models caught on camera are E200 and E220d starters, which share the trim and wheel designs in the vast majority of cases.

We also took notice of some other videos that depict the SLC (which is the facelifted and renamed SLK) and GLS (the facelift of the GL sport utility), as the models all sat together in the parking lot adjacent to the plant in Sindelfingen, Germany – where Mercedes makes a myriad of models.

Via Walko ART