Many people who don’t actually belong to the fan community of GT-R lovers will say the updated 2017 Nissan GT-R actually hasn’t changed a bit since it was presented back in 2007.

While we’re trying to remain unbiased, we came across these videos from Japan and we present the refreshed “Godzilla” wearing its fresh coats to see if the R35 community can respond to the allegations. Anyways, the GT-R for the 2017 model year has actually gone through important changes – probably the most notable since it was introduced as a R35 generation – and the most obvious modifications will always be the new colors. Aside from that deep orange that was everywhere as it was used as the official “ambassador” there are also new red and blue hues. And Nissan is telling us this is the final model year ahead of the upcoming R36 launch, with the modifications of the current one including a fresh take on the “V-motion” grille, the addition of a pronounced chin spoiler and fresh aero elements in the front bumper and under the headlights or on the bonnet.

The interior may be even sweater for upcoming owners – the button happy cabin has been refreshed to take into account the latest developments and instead of 27 buttons the GT-R has reduced the count to 11 now. More importantly, the twin-turbo V6 engine has been squeezed for even more power – another 20 horsepower brought on also with the help of a new titanium exhaust.



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