[Video] Automakers pitch well-known stars for upcoming Super Bowl ads image

Germany’s BMW – which has returned for the first time after four years to the NFL championship game – and South Korea’s Kia – in its sixth consecutive presence – have gathered the support of well known starts.

The former, the world’s largest premium automaker and the top luxury brand in the US last year has elected to pitch the i3 electric city dweller to football fans across the globe, and also decided to enlist former Today Show hosts Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel for the commercial set to air during Super Bowl XLIX on Sunday. Naturally, the video is already present on YouTube to gather hype and has been dubbed “Newfangled Idea”. The 60-second spot starts back in 1994 with Couric and Gumbel unable to understand what is all the fuss about the Internet and emails – in nod to the era when people don’t seem able to live without one or the other. Similar confusion is expressed then when they drive the i3 – an all-electric car the automaker suggests would have the same lasting impact as the other two on human lives.

As far as Kia is concerned, the South Korean automaker – present during the Super Bowl commercial craze for the sixth consecutive time – continues the strategy from last year, blending the comedic appearance of an action star mimicking his movie alter ego in a real-world environment. We all remember 2014’s Matrix nod, but the 2015 commercial featuring former James Bond interpreter Pierce Brosnan might also go down in history. He is depicted driving up a treacherous mountain on a snowy road en route to a quiet cabin in a Sorento SUV and though he expects countless perils – such as snipers and rocket launchers – he will be amazed to only see an owl and dodge a moose.