[Videos] Battle of the Golfs brings GTI, GTD, GTE, R, Edition 40 and Clubsport S to the track image

It’s been four decades and no less than seven generations, but the Golf GTI is still an object of adoration for many hot hatch fans – and because they’re so many, there are also many options to choose from.

There are numerous variations of the German hot hatch on the market, so these six versions are not all that can booked – but they’re seemingly the most important. For example, Volkswagen also has two-door versions of some of the ones seen here, a Performance Pack for the GTI and two hot wagons, the GTD Variant and R Variant. From the starters, the test reviewers decided to pit the GTD and GTE against each other. We’re of course talking about the 2.0 TDI with 184 PS and 380 Nm of torque going against the green field GTE version that has a smallish 1.4 turbo and an electric motor for 214 PS. The outcome is that the freakishly heavy and expensive GTE loses, badly.

Next up are the regular Golf GTI and the regular Clubsport – also known as Edition 40, because of those 40 years of existence, of course. And because there’s a serious gap here, the latter takes the win. The final battle is between the top guns – the Golf R and the GTI Clubsport S, you know, that Nurburgring front wheel drive record lap holder. And it goes without saying who’s the top dog at the end, right?

Via CARmagazineTV