[Videos] BMW careful to explain how the 530e plug-in hybrid is green and great image

Of course there’s a tradition now in the car industry to kill off design innovation and go for the evolutionary path – but fortunately the technologies don’t use the same pattern.

Case in point – the G30 5 Series executive sedan has an entirely evolutionary styling – with the most striking change from the old version being the new headlights that link to the kidney grille just like its smaller sibling the 3 Series. And while the old model was made available as a not really successful or interesting hybrid, the new 530e is a visible technological step forward, as it uses a plug in hybrid powertrain. That means it’s on par with its rivals from Mercedes, Audi and Volvo and allows the owner to go about its business in EV mode for longer periods – and then recharge the batteries from an exterior outlet.

Now BMW has released some official videos about the 530e iPerformance, which show the clear links to the i8 for example – such as the ability to check the state of its charge using your smartphone. It will sip just 2l/100km of fuel and emit 45 grams per kilometer of CO2, while still playing around with 250 hp and 420 Nm (310 lb-ft) of torque – with the powertrain actually directly snatched from the 330e iPerformance.