[Videos] Cloning challenge sees virtual and real Vulcan and One:1 racing image

Anyone who has ever played a racing video game knows of the feature that pits you against yourself while on the track – with a ghost car running a previous best lap.

Now Castrol’s Clone Rival challenge comes to upgrade on the feature. Instead fo just racing in the virtual world, the drivers manning the hypercars have the chance to experience them both in the simulated and real world – in a bid to see who comes on top. So, we have a pair of professional drivers, a pair of hypercars and a match against themselves taking place on a circuit in the simulated and real world. In charge of the feature are Christoffer Nygaard, acting as Koenigsegg’s test driver – so he’s going to get things going inside the One:1. Then there’s Darren Turner is part of the Aston Martin Vulcan’s development team and has the pleasure of taking for a spin the ultra-rare hypercar.

The first go for the simulator work – each doing a ten lap race on the Ascari circuit. Castrol then matched their fastest times for the perfect lap. Afterwards the crews took to the real Ascari circuit, and each hypercar got a small HUD getting data from the drivers’ ultimate lap. And the device allowed the racers to compare themselves in real time against their digital doppelgängers. It might not be very accurate science after all, but the entertainment factor is seriously off the charts.