[Videos] Don’t laugh – Nissan has an autonomous chair for queuing image

We’re not in April so don’t think this is a joke – Nissan has presented the ProPilot Chair, which uses the same technology as the one seen in its cars with autonomous capabilities.

Yes, again, it’s not a joke – though it certainly looks like one. Nissan has actually built a chair that can queue autonomously. For example, when the occupant gets up – maybe because he reached the front or because he’s tired of waiting, the ProPilot Chair moves by itself to the end of the line, ready for the next person – and according to the automaker it saves people “the hassle of standing in line”. Aside from the obvious PR and marketing stunt, the chair does use the same technology that is found in Nissan’s ProPilot autonomous driving technology. In the serious installment, the system has cameras placed around the car to allow it to drive autonomously in single-lane traffic while maintaining a safe distance from the car in front. It’s much like Tesla’s Autopilot but without being able to self-change the lanes.

The new generation Serena minivan for the home market is the first model of the Japanese company to use the ProPilot as of August when it became available at dealerships. The latest installment of the Qashqai is expected next year and will be the first model of the company in Europe to also deploy the technology.