[Videos] Ever wondered what an autonomous car sees? image

Sooner or later, self-driving cars will become the norm when discussing about the auto industry. Although it still looks very sci-fi and the same revolution was envisioned for electric cars, the future seems written.

So, while passionate drivers and many others might be disgusted by the idea of an autonomous car, that not only takes the strain, but also the pleasure of driving your prized car, it seems that everyone – from customers to automakers and regulators are gearing up for the next auto quantum leap. But did the geek in you ever wondered how the world looks for that self-driving car, which allows it to properly navigate and avoid any threat – be it cat or truck?

Now we can catch a glimpse of that world, courtesy of Nokia’s 3D-mapping division HERE, which has decided to take us on a small tour of New Orleans – all from the point-of view of a self-driving car. Using a combination of GPS and long-range radar, the images blend real-life to the world of computer programming. Additionally, not only carmakers or third-party suppliers and companies work on the development of autonomous projects – with the most well-known outsider case being Google, which also some time ago released a video of what the software in their cars sees.

Via Business Insider, Wired