[Videos] Fleet of Scania trucks creates world’s greatest clock image

Swedish truck maker Scania has managed, via a team of 90 drivers and 14 trucks, to create the world’s largest clock after driving 24 hours without interruption.

No less than 14 trucks making up the three hands drove around the 750, 000 square-feet (69677 square-meter) clock face for a full day, as they were looking to showcase the brand’s latest on-board telematics system. Marketing chief Staffan Arvas said: “Trucks are huge, powerful machines, but they’re also intricately designed, refined instruments. Just like watches. Each truck had to be optimized for its specific task in the clock, and real-time monitoring and analysis through our connected services made the whole operation possible.” The stunt needed a fleet consisting of 500 horsepower (373 kilowatt) S-Series semi-trucks – new additions to the Scania family – as well as no less than 90 drivers.


The ones located in the second hand were supposed to each drive around the clock constantly at exactly the right speed – the outer edge truck was doing exactly 53 kilometers-per-hour (33 miles-per-hour), while the innermost truck was doing just 13 km/h (8 mph). Meanwhile, the trucks forming the minute and hour hands were precisely choreographed in a series of closely co-ordinated series of stops and starts. All the while, the team of stunt drivers and the trucks were monitored remotely via the telematics system, as well as controllers watching speed, fuel consumption and the trucks’ health.