[Videos] Ford’s F-150 ad campaign on TV starts today image

The second largest US automaker is gearing up for today’s launch, during the College Football Playoff matches, of the marketing campaign that focuses on the aluminum-intensive new generation of the 2015 F-150.

Just like we told you recently, because Ford didn’t have the time to finish up its commercial that focuses on the weight savings and mileage improvements, the series of television, radio and mobile commercials will mostly focus on the truck’s weight loss, features and towing capabilities. The company is also taking full advantage of its partnership with Fox Network Group, while brand partners like Toby Keith and NASCAR are also ready to express their support. Additionally, John Brenkus from ESPN’s “Sports Science” is set to host a series of “F-150 Tough Science” webisodes.

With production well on its way in Ford’s Dearborn truck factory, which was completely retooled to handle the truck’s new aluminum intensive body, US dealerships received thousands of the new F-150 when the truck went on sale last month. Thanks to a weight loss of up to 700 pounds – compared to last year’s model – the mileage has improved to the point of it being the best when it comes to gas powered trucks. It also has improved haulage and towing capabilities, carrying up to 3,300 pounds and towing up to 12,200 pounds.