The Volkswagen Ameo is the latest product to come from the ranks of the German automaker but chances anyone outside India will never be able to grab one.

Since Volkswagen is not doing very well in terms of regulatory compliance – yep, we’re again mentioning the Dieselgate scandal – they really need all the capital of good will available out there. This is why some cleverer marketing and publicity guys thought a rehash of the classic German engineering precision joke is in order and it turns out the commercial is funny enough to make the rounds on the internet, raking up lots of views. It shows how German engineering is used by, well… three German engineers to come up with the perfect Masala Chai. Of course, unless you’re a fan of Indian culture or part of it chances are you won’t even know how the Masala Chai tastes like, though you might found out if you Google for the ingredients to make your own cup. And yes, you won’t need to be a German engineer to achieve the proportions.

Anyways, the funny or kinda’ racist commercial (depends on the perspective, as always, because one might take it as a laughs’ thing or wonder if you need a German doctor’s degree to make a cup of tea) is a preview for the Ameo compact sedan which is going to be displayed in front of the Indian public during the upcoming Delhi Auto Expo 2016, which is set to begin on February 3.



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